Pilvii Takala: Lawyer of the week

2. 10. 2014 - 15. 11.2014

Opening: 2. 10. 2014

Curator: Michal Novotný

Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5



Pilvi Takala's work is showing us that it is often possible to learn of the implicit rules of a social situation only by its disruption. Her apparently innocent actions such, as trying to enter Disneyland dressed as Snow White, leads to unexpectedly strong reactions from other social actors involved.

The dramaturgical perspective on a society suggests that human interactions are dependent upon time, place, and audience and that we cannot speak of the cause of human behaviour but only about its context.
According to this theory a person's identity is not a stable and independent psychological entity, but rather, it is constantly remade in the frame of interaction with others. Audiences have an idea of how the given situation should look like and performers will try to carry out the performance according to that idea. All individuals raise their identity from the consensus between the actor and the audience.
Social situations therefore create different forms and scripts structuring our perception, action and reaction. This reality indeed becomes itself a fiction, but as fictional as might appear the daily life portrait of an online poker-players community organized around the logic of the probability theory in Takala's video Players.
Looking at Takala's work we should not only be accenting the challenging potential, the position of the lonely artist versus the overall ideology. Takala herself mix in her work the reality of documented actions with staged portraiture documents and creates narratives such as the ones she reveals, probes and strains and is also definitely very conscious about it. As much as "the ice made out of ice tea in your ice tea" from the Players video Takala quotes and stretch the limits of different genres including the one of being a performance artist, a director, a documentary maker.