Artist: Jeanne Moynot


Curator: Michal Novotný


From 02/09/2014 to 21/09/2014


Jeanne Moynot´s (1985, Versailles) work is oscillating between performance, theatre play and object. Moynot uses aesthetics of cultural waste, fashion jewellery, plastic souvenirs and props from low budget movies. Reduction of representation and lightning resembling theater stage design, as well as characters of drunk female singers or low cost party queens reveal in its openly acknowledged falseness cultural stereotypes of generally accepted image of femininity.

By parallel parodying and glorifying attributes such as seductiveness or indecency Moynot presents a new concept of feminism adopting and exaggerating those most common stereotypes but also indicates that social roles are similarly to aesthetic forms fragmented, inconsistent and versatile and it is possible to use them despite and even contrary to their apparent meaning.

It slips into a space between image and environment. Such as the enlarged printed details of wet and red tomatoes smelling stronger then their bleached but real brothers, it questions the surface over the essence. 

Wide and soft and open like the face of a summer waitress who says There you go when she deposits the food in front of you.

Cars, guns, needles, blood, genitals.