Brud (Aditya Mandayam) : Thingamajig

Written & directed by: Aditya Mandayam
Produced by: Emilia Zalewska
Production design: Reaktor - Sculpture Lab: Anna Zielinska, Przemyslaw Pietrzak, Pawel Chmielewski, & Ludwik Wielecki

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Ooze?

Within the Ooze, we see demarcations of center/periphery have dissipated into a mereundifferentiated Ooze. Is it a Body without Organs, a new dimension of the schizophrenic body, an organism without parts which operates entirely by insufflation, respiration, evaporation and fluid transmission? A howling body speaking a language without articulation.

2. What is Ooze’s relation to Spime?

Spimes are material instantiations of an immaterial system (data). SPIMES are sustainable, enhanceable, and made of substances that can and will be folded back into the production stream of future SPIMES. 


Through Herm, Brud will achieve immortality. Immortality once achieved thru religion. Immortality once achieved thru fame. Immortality once achieved through monuments. Immortality now achieved through binary 1’s and 0’s on a screen and anonymous reams: data. (Immortality for the Hoi Polloi).

3. What will happen at the Tautological Congress? 

Cul-de- sacs, non-sequiturs, vacuous truths,paraphrases, and circumlocutions will all gather to hear Brud.

Brud skates on children’s toy pile of slippery banana puns.

4. What will Brud do?

Brud will defend its right to a willful opacity.

5. What does Brud want?

Brud wants to document when yellow journalism meets purple prose (florid, breathless, over the top, self-promoting literature).

6. What is Brud?

Brud is legerdemain. From the limboc to the limbic, the eutheric to the etheric, the laminal animal.

7. What does Brud crave?

Brud craves a certain oneiric momentum. The forgotten, the oblique, the buried, the encrusted-in-Paleozoic-remains of a-cultural- omnivore’s detritus attic sale.

8. Which brings me to the thought, what would be at a Brud Attic Sale?

Nanosatellite sensors, oloid surfaces, Issi Noho Panda Bears, pyramid schemes, optical printers, a theater of the noose (a theater of the nous), radical primitives, autocephalous heads, byzantine projections and Polish dirt.


Andrea Liu

Berlin, 2016

Head Pedant, Brud