Ivana Králiková: Wandering Wombs: Full stop (.), Time

Artist: Ivana Králiková

Curator: Marina Vale Noronha

Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5

Full Stop (.), Time starts unexpectedly like a period. And a period itself is a time construction that provides an end (.) to something. Leave behind probabilities and time expectations. While you read this, Wandering Wombs (WW) are most likely still behind the conventional schedule for preparing the show. The exhibition’s menarche at Futura Gallery approaches and WW goes through distress and anxiety feelings, common to this progressive stage of most female systems. 

The show at Futura starts slowly, because its timing is intermittent. The exhibition duration coincides with its menstrual cycle, from 3 March to 16 April, and its length is physically affected by the different hormonal stages of the cycle. Various changes occur in the exhibition body during its period. What happens from now on still needs to be discovered. It needs to be built (out) of time.

You gain access to the show through the exhibition opening. From there you penetrate a feminine space in its max magnified status where all colours turn into shades of terracotta. You might feel as if inside an (exploded) womb that is made out of bricks and vaporises a never-ending supply of Ferrum hormone for all.

A time mechanism, named Master Clock, triggers on and off elements in the show. Only with an empty watch one is able to follow it. Vapours, temperature oscillations and ultrasonic vibrations are small portals to a female understanding of time. A time that has no precedent—it is irregular and unpredictable, like a menstrual cycle. A time-space construct that liberates artworks (and yourself) to experience personal discomfort in the form of an exhibition to engage with what is not yet fully accepted by society: a menstrual time.

Wandering Wombs (WW) is a men-struation initiative by Ivana Králíková and Marina Valle Noronha. WW works for a feminine understanding of time that follows menstrual cycles—irregular, unpredictable—and is taken by everyone IRL as the norm. WW assumes that everyone, not only females assigned at birth, menstruate. This is not necessarily an art project, but rather a social menarche. The future is female.

Opening Friday, March 3rd from 6pm