Cristina David: The quarter of Story I never tell

20. 11. 2013 - 29. 12. 2013

Opening: 20. 11. 2013

Curator: Michal Novotný

Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5


The world is chaos to which order is only given, we cant perceive this chaos without the order we imposed on it, but we shouldn't forget it is only a given and temporary one.
Things are indeterminate. One is counting. Multiplicity is not counting. There are no things before the measurement, and the very act of measurement produces determinate boundaries and properties of things.
To assume that human experience is structured conceptually is to dehistoricize the human species. Language is a relatively recent acquisition. Before its appearance, we spent hundreds of thousands of years as a social species, with a division of labour and sophisticated stone tool technology. Are we to assume that those ancient hunter-gatherers lived in an amorphous world waiting for language to give it form?
Rejecting the linguistically of experience according to which every culture lives in its own world leads to a conception of a shared human experience in which the variation comes not from differences in signification, which is a linguistic notion, but of significance, which is a pragmatic one.
The category of contraries and contradictories is simply disregarded. The dreaming, imagining, thinking, saying, writing, representing, making, or performing of anything may be taken, first of all, as an affirmation that what is dreamt, imagined, thought, etc., is present within us as a memory, a fantasy, a wish, a representative of an affective state or force, an object that matters to us, or an intro- or intersubjective relationship in which we are, in one way or another, a participant. A negative judgment attached to that idea, object, or relationship is irrelevant with regard to this fundamental fact and indicates only that we feel compelled to distance ourselves from it and to disown it.
Sounds, words, and grammatical patterns of a language are materials that accumulate or sediment historically, and only after being consolidated by another process, like the standardization of a dialect by Academies and their official dictionaries, grammars, and rules of pronunciation.
You don't see the forest for the trees. Ignorance is bliss. This Summer broke all temperature records. Out of Scale. Singer/ interpreter.
Ickle-pickle, huckle-buckle, snuckle in my shoe, mickle-muckle, nickle-nuckle. Out go you.