Sinae Yoo: Petrichor

5. 3. - 28. 4. 2019

Opening:  5. 3. 2019

Curator: Christina Gigliotti 

Center for Contemporary Art FUTURA, Holečkova 49, Praha 5

For her first exhibition in the Czech Republic, Sinae Yoo presents Petrichor. a film installation specifically produced for FUTURA .

In the past few years, using a wide array of media, Sinae Yoo has explored themes of alienation and servitude under the yoke of capitalism. Taking her cues from the visual culture of advertising and video games, the artist conjures an aesthetic of seduction that grinds the souls it ensnares within its virtual net. Set in gas stations and parking lots, Petrichor focusses on the automobile as the emblematic object of a hyper-masculinized normative power. A world controlled and inhibited by the sleek curves and booming sound system of a muscle car.

Petrichor is the result of a highly collaborative process with a community of artists Sinae Yoo met in Baltimore, where the film was shot. These include Elon Batlle, Mathew Starke, a musician, and singer, and Keenon Brice a poet, who star in the film, and Alex Deranian and Sylvain Gerboud, who composed its soundtrack. Though the daunting reality the films depicts seems all-pervasive and inescapable, its protagonists maintain a degree of agency. Music and theatricality act as catalysts for emancipation, resilience, and fortitude.

Petrichor, 2019 a film was written and directed by Sinae Yoo. With Elon Battle (:3lON), Keenon Brice, and Mathew Starke. Music by Sylvain Gerboud (Dviance & Viancy's Attic), Sound by Alex Deranian (Sentinel), Camera by Corey Hughes, Sinae Yoo & Alex Deranian, Installation by Caroline Krzyszton, Ondřej Gerik, Cristo Madissoo and the project has been subsidized by Art Council Korea (ARKO), The City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Thank you to friends in Baltimore & N.Y and Center For Contemporary Art Futura team.