Rada Boukova: Start a new Victory

Artist: Rada Boukova


Curator: Michal Novotný


From 20/08/2013 to 22/09/2013


Rada Boukova pressures the associations materials, forms and symbols apriory carry.  She stretches the limits of ready-made, reduction of means, material fragility and simplicity of a gesture to its extend. In a frayed but in the same time purist way she requestions the the act of adding something - the necessity of an effort and invested time related to the final result.

She pressures the worn out shapes to their extend in dealing them even more exquisitely and exuberantly to use them against themselves  , replace them with themselves    N, so to exaggerate their associations to the extreme, when they finally disappear being extracted [death].

However in Rada Boukova’s work everything has its own place (and nothing is here) by chance. Rada Boukova here proposes a serious construction (of humour and irony).



Magic Spring, 2013
Magic Spring, 2013
Plastic spring, ladder, paint
The Eternal Return, 2013
The Eternal Return, 2013
Plastic boomerang