Xavier Mary: Black Hole Sun

15. 12. 2021 - 18. 4. 2021

curator: Caroline Krzyszton

In his latest exhibition ‘Black Hole Sun’, the Belgian artist Xavier Mary (1982) uses a conceptual dialectic to explore the contrast between nature and spirituality on the one hand and the motorized society on the other througha visual, formal language that ties in with the globalized 21st century.

His post-industrial sculpture and post-apocalyptic, mythical realism stands with one leg in the past and the other into the future. As if artificial intelligence landed into a prehistoric past, the Belgian artist interweaves elements of mythology and technology to create an ‘applied metaphysics 2.0’, wandering in an unorthodox style through history, present and future by reflecting on topics such as modern civilization, humankind, mass consumption and mystical idolatry in a visually poetical style that combines absurd cleverness with technological motorized skills.

The discord between tradition and progress (which was also central in his previous work) is further examined in the visionary ‘Black Hole Sun’. The starting point for his critical view on our industry-driven world is the region of South-East Asia, where the artist was confronted during his recent travels with the mythical spiritual past of humanity and a futuristic world in which technology threatens to overtake human beings in evolution.

After several trips to Cambodia and Thailand, Mary got fascinated by the architecture of ancient temples, the know-how of the local sculptors, the ingenuity of the mechanics and the hustle and bustle of the cities that incongruously contrasted with the beauty of the pristine jungle that remained wild. As if Blade Runner would have been blended with The Jungle Book.