Eva Koťátková, Dominik Lang, Anna Žofie Langová: Flying Rescue Station - In reparation


13. 7. - 22. 8. 2021

Curator: Caroline Krzyszton
Opening: 13. 7. 2021, 18:00
It has a variable shape and size, it is adjusted and changed according to condition and need
When it needs to be repaired, children are called
It is just as real, even when you sleep
It can move in the air as well as under water
It plays music but does not disturb anyone
It can create and maintain a rainbow
It drives bubbles that allow you to breathe under the surface
It has an unknown number of legs, it can be invisible when approaching an enemy
It is on duty 24 hours a day
Lights are on at night so that you can call it whenever you need it
It senses when you are sad, and flies itself towards you