Barbora Kleinhmaplová: Irresistible


7. 9. - 14. 11.
Curated by Jan Brož & Marika Kupková
Opening: 7. 9. 2021, 18:00


At Futura, Barbora Kleinhamplová premieres Irresistible, a film made in collaboration with Mistress Velvet. The film opens space to reflect BDSM as a subversive field through which wider social change could take place thanks to individual initiatives. Mistress Velvet was a queer dominatrix from Chicago (originally from Ghana) and a graduate of Gender Studies with a focus on the African Diaspora. Working in the sex industry became part of their academic life. Clients who came to Velvet questioned their identities and worked with them to address patriarchal oppression and reparation through literature. The film is a visual-poetic manifesto which centers on the protagonist as a potential agent of the future revolution. The film unintentionally became the last memory of Mistress Velvet, who sadly passed away in March of this year.

The project was supported by TIC Gallery Brno.