Filip Cenek, Tereza Sochorová: Roundabout

Artists: Filip Cenek, Tereza Sochorová

Curator: Michal Novotný


From 05/03/2013 to 07/04/2013


Video installation. "And it is the solar eclipse, exceptional event, which allows us to perceive by naked eye its coil before it disappears again under the crown weaved from dazzling rays. But why should I still distinguish, when I am for once drawn into this generous radiation? I turn my eyes from the source, and look around me all over the things, participating in this source." V.L.

Filip Cenek (*1976, Jeseník) and Tereza Sochorová (*1982, Rakovník) met each other at the Brno Faculty of fine arts, where they both studied. Since 2006 they collaborated on different project, generally focused on the work with moving image, text, narration and memory. They co-created several installations and short films and under the Fiume collectif published two books.