TOUCH: Curator: Michal Novotný

Artists: Marina Abramović, Matěj Al-Ali, Amande In, Boris Dornbusch, Pawel Dziemian, Harun Farocki, Andrea Fraser, Sigalit Landau, Vincent Lemaire, Domenico Mangano, Teresa Margolles, Kata Mach, Fiona Tan, Superflex

Curator: Michal Novotný


From 11/12/2012 to 24/02/2013


A man is a body and mind, a monkey and an angel. A man comes from monkeys, but head towards angels. While a monkey is dirty, hairy, stinks and shamelessly excretes and copulates, angel is a spiritual being. Angel is a son of god, but also a messenger, therefore the one, who making a journey – cognition - brings a message – the word – from god. Word is a reason and reason is mind, hence mind is a gift of god.

Word at first created light. Light allowed us to see. To see the world of monkeyssuch as being seen by angels. They aren’t eyes,who see, but mind. Word divided the world to world and the word world. Light had covered all enlighten with a non-permeable membrane dividing how the things really are, from how do we see them.

At first word created light, now light creates words. The only way how can “I” stay divided from body and world is to resist them. To be able to resist, the appealing has to become a word. The dividing membrane is permeable only in one direction. Thinking and thought “I” can only passively perceive. The viewed world is a hazy meadow in between dark forests seen from the outlook of a lonely hunter without a gun.

Human being is not a monkey nor an angel but flesh. A piece of meat activated by electric waves of desire. Nor human beings nor world are having a stabile essence but are simultaneously changing and lasting in time. This lasting and changing are both embedded in matter. Matter is memory. Memory is a scar. 

Mind is an idea of body, which necessarily makes body be object of its mind. emotions are analog and words digital. Important is not matter itself, but focus on this matter. We see for all the blind ones. 

Duality of body and mind is a duality of woman and man. It is a product of society obsessed with sex. The duality of woman and man is a duality of nature and civilization. It is a product of hierarchy and one-way change.

Word had created world, but society was created before language. Human world is not a classification but cartography. In cartography there are no averages but intersections. In cartography there are frictions, pressures and touches.

Amande In / PERMEABILITIES (RÉF. #000-AI-10-04-S-21), 2004 - 2012
Amande In / PERMEABILITIES (RÉF. #000-AI-10-04-S-21), 2004 - 2012
Variable dimensions
Matěj Al-Alin / Pleasant Stuffing, 2011
Matěj Al-Alin / Pleasant Stuffing, 2011
Wool, wood 5 x 150 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm
Sigalit Landau /  Barbet hula, 2000
Sigalit Landau / Barbet hula, 2000
Video, color, sound 2 '.Courtesy: Collection 49 Nord 6 Est - Frac Lorraine, Metz (FR)
Pawel Dziemian / Hunger, 2012
Pawel Dziemian / Hunger, 2012
DvcPro HD 6 min 30 s.