PANIC ROOM: Curator: Rostislav Koryčánek

9/07/2014 03/08/2014

Opening: 9/07/2014

Curator: Rostislav Koryčánek

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8



"Architecture is now generating instruments rather than monuments: its value is now determined by its ability to mutate, its ability to absorb program changes and the logic of chance. Ignasi da Solà-Morales says

it is necessary to change architecture into a characteristic event, specific to to each case and place. "
(Jana Ticha / da Ignasi Solà-Morales)

Panic Room is the third project of the artistic trio Al-Ali, Dub and Moravec, dealing with issues of contemporary architectural development of cities and suburban landscapes. For their exhibition at Karlín Studios, they explore the possibilities of uses of modular system from construction units, which they represent in a stereotypical agencement of technocratical lines. The created scene looks like an ongoing construction, which final shape results from social demands together with the quality of the architecture itself.


The project has been initiated and realised in collaboration and with the kind support of BEST, a.s. and VZV GROUP, s.r.o.