RECOUNTING: Curators: Jan Krtička, Jan Prošek

10/12/2014 - 11/01/2015

Opening: 10/12/2014

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

Artists: Josef Daněk a Blahoslav Rozbořil, Vladimír Havlík, Vendula Chalánková, Lenka Klodová, Matěj Kolář, Jiří Kovanda, František Kowolovski, Jan Mlčoch, Marian Palla, Rafani, Tomáš Ruller, Pavel Sterec, Jiří Surůvka, Miloš Šejn, Martin Zet

Curators: Jan Krtička, Jan Prošek


The focus of the project is the documentation of action art and the possibility of its representation. A spectrum of approaches in contemporary art is tied to a specific space and time. It is also given that their presentation has to be associated with the documentation that is trying to convey, substitute or often replace the original work. One of the ways to get a certain idea of the passed action is to meet his author himself, or get to know his story. The exhibition attempts through audio recordings of individual authors´ stories to capture one personal aspect of transmission and at the same time offers an extended view of the realized performance.