Kamila Ženatá: Event Horizon

5. 5. 2015 - 19. 7. 2015

Opening: 5. 5. 2015

Curator: Caroline Krzyston

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8



- 3rd of June at 6 pm: guided tour of the exhibition with its author and curator.

- 16th of June at 7:30 pm: staged reading of Lenka Lagronová´s play Event Horizon (first act) by Theatre Letí. Direction: Martina Schlegelová.

The number of seats is limited, reservations required.

For more information and tickets www.divadlo-leti.cz


In September 2014 Kamila Ženatá formed at her studio a group of eight women. These women decided to undergo a self-discovery process during which they described their childhood,mapped and re-lived the system they were brought up in, told their stories, imaginated, shared their dreams and painted. They made use of the incentive to engage in a process which uncovers the intimate, hidden, unconscious and hence significant areas of the human psyche. The result of this cooperation is the record of change, an authentic testimony which came out of the enclosed “protected” environment into the public space. The first part of the project takes place in the Karlin Studios basement. The Event Horizon will then continue with its second part at Dům umění gallery in Brno in 2016.


Special thanks to all the contributors to the catalogue and project through crowdfunding HitHit (www.hithit.cz), Diana Ešnerová a Jaroslava Dvořáková.



Schrödinger’s cat


Partners of the project:

Nelly a Vladimír Dvořáčkovi, Praha

Pavel Klán, Praha

Jiří Kulda, Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble 

Hynek Sechovský, Praha