Michal Pustějovsky: QUBID, 2015

Describing Pustějovský’s artwork as conceptual would more or less be a simplification. The centre of the author’s attention is the interest in uncovering and depicting the fundamental construction elements of the spatiotemporal universe, the interest in the “underlying levels” of the physical world’s foundation. With reference to the latest quantum theory outputs, Pustějovský interprets the virtual world of probability (which can be described using a digital code) through spatial and analogue-structured installations and mechanisms using a purely minimalist morphology. His artwork, based on open-source technologies and hand-made mechanisms which often verge on developmental design, consists in the creation of complex aesthetic situations the character of which (repetition, cyclicity, and reduction of phenomenons) reminds of methodologies used in scientific experiments.

In the basement of Karlin Studios, Michal Pustějovský exhibits his new installation. This work is concerned with fragments of an emptied interior. Using his own projection equipment, the artist produces maps of the underground space by drawing on a glass board, which consequently becomes a projection matrix. This combination of drawing, a classic art medium, with a sophisticated access control software creates an unusual light installation. The installation intends to illustrate the unseen properties of the underground “microworld”, the world we cannot see unless we look.