Petr Pavlensky: Bureaucratic Cramp

1. 7. 2016

- Discussion from 5.30pm:

Petr Pavlensky, Ondřej Soukup, Michal Novotný

- opening from 7pm 

"It's not the bureaucrats' lawlessness that is stopping the society from action -  it is fixation on its own defeat and loss that is nailing us harder to the Kremlin cobblestones. 
Thus creating a human army of apathetical statues, patiently awaiting their fate. Right now, when those in power are turning our country into one big prison, openly stealing from the population and redirecting financial flows into the enrichment and expansion of police apparatus and other security services.
The society allows this lawlessness forgetting that their number is bigger and that their inaction is drawing the dawning of a police state nearer." 
Petr Pavlensky

Petr Pavlensky is a Russian performance artist and political activist. His best known performance is Fixation (2013), where he nailed his genitals on the stone pavement on the Red Square in order to demonstrate against the transformation of Russia into a police state . In November 2015, he set fire to the entrance door of the headquarters of Russia's Federal Security Service. For this offense he was arrested and held in prison until June 2016. Karlin Studios project is his first show after his liberation.

The exhibition will be open until August, 21st.