Kettiger, Saliva, Skibicki: What's that dirt under your nails made of?

did it hurt when
you fell from heaven

My girlfriend practised
on me with money transfer
I was so in debt that i went full
but it was gone after those numbers went black...
it was a healing man

what's that charmed theme song
i am the
sun and the
buys the book of shadows on amazon

Don't be
Your own grave when
All you truly
Is to be turning into

List of Contributors
Israel Aten
Coucou Chloé
Racheal Crowther
Carina Erdmann
Michael Grillenberger and Ingrid Stadler
Caspar Jade Heinemann
Scott Hopper
Romy Kettiger
Anna Kindermann
Esben Weile Kjær
Kateřina Konvalinová
Marie Lea Lund
Nat Marcus
Lužek Marný
Olesya Nedostoynaya
Jayson Patterson
Nelle Swan
and others...

'What's that dirt under your nails made of?' is an immersive installation and performative project presented by Tomasz Skibicki, Lukas Hofmann / Saliva and Nina Kettiger, aiming to imagine and rethink the core ideas behind communitive structures.

Exploring esoteric methods to reconnect with your energies, empowering vaginal steaming techniques, discovering new forms of ingesting knowledge and wisdom, as well as ceremonies and healings, the event will embody alternative methods for individual and universal survival. Acting as an integrating performance, the event is aiming to include the audience through a series of readings, installations, celebrations and isolated performances.

Taking place in the soon to be demolished institution Karlin Studios, the artists are responding to the climate by approaching the idea of the Armageddon and Survival and how to sustainably maintain communities in a spiritual and physical environment.

The exhibition will host collaboratorating artists, who will contribute to the mechanisms of the community.
It was initiated in the frame of the cycle «End the agony» organized by Karlin Studios.

Nina Kettiger
Installation, 2016
Saliva / Lukáš Hofmann
Installation, 2016
Tomasz Skibicki
Installation, 2016
Luzek Recovered
Age of Consent, performance, 2016
Michael Grillenberger and Ingrid Stadler
Desmotes, performance, 2016