PAS : We can, but we don't know how.

After seven years of existence, PAS group (Produkce aktivit současnosti – Production of Activities of the Present) reactivates its function. Vít Havránek, Jiří Skála and Tomáš Vaněk gather around the concept of so-called Soft Exhibition. The last exhibition in a space, which will no longer host activities of the institution Karlin Studios.

The central theme of this exhibition is the work with one object and its packaging as the holder of an indefinite desire.

The box, in which the object resides, is hiding; due to practical reasons as protection or transportation from one place to another. At the same time cardboard and tape are synonymous with tension and expectation of a surprising encounter with something new or used (how revolutionary!), most importantly with something we've never seen before and never hold in our hands (how untrustworthy!)

Karlín Studios are moving and their historical space becomes a site of transfer, search, unpacking and re-packing.

This idea did not let PAS in peace. The group embarked on a journey to a space, movement, meaning, with the opportunity to play; with things and packages, which are able at any moment to change their meanings.

PAS 2016