Jakub Hošek, Nik Timková, New Scenario: REMEMBER EARLY HUMANS

Artists: Jakub Hošek, Paul Barsch, Tilman Hornig, Norman Orro
Concept: Jakub Hošek & Nik Timková
Text: Lumír Nykl & Tina Poliačková

"Bless this mess, dedicated to real humans"

Autonomous vertical steaming
In a room occupied by materialized sketchbook-inhabitants
Hangs a threesome bound to the upper layer

Soft groundwater will be safely canalized within the sanitary system
Customized with free jazz engagement



Exhibition on view until the 18. 6. at Karlin Studios' new address - Kasárna Karlín, Prvního pluku 2. The gallery will be open only at opening, later by appointment at caroline@futuraproject.cz


photo © Michal Ureš

Jakub Hošek
I Know Both I Am Both, detail, 2017
Jakub Hošek
Untitled, detail 2017; I Know Both I Am Both, 2017
Paul Barsch, Tilman Hornig
Sanitary Ceramics, 2017
Norman Orro
GFX on plotter, skylight installation, 2017