Olof Olsson: Driving the Blues Away

13. 11. 2017, 7 - 9.30 PM


Olof Olsson takes you on a rollercoaster of comic infotainment. From silly lows to poetic highs – and back again.

There’s no better way to drive the blues away, than Driving the Blues Away.

Driving the Blues Away is an info comedy racing through the histories of art, chocolate, cola-drinks, personal computers, philosophy, politics and theology. Along the way there’s a romantic melodrama – where Olof’s almost partner is seduced by an ultra famous software entrepeneur in the tax-free shop of Dehli’s Indira Gandhi Airport. The whole thing is steeped in Olof’s twisted love of language: “Our language and the world are not always hooked up one-to-one. It’s a mess, and that makes us nervous. But it’s a funny mess.”