David Vojtuš: X3

 28. 4. - 3. 6. 2018

Opening / Vernisáž: 27.4, 19:00

13. 6. - 22. 7. 2018

At Karlín Studios, David Vojtuš will follow up on his latest projects, where he worked with fluid-filled PVC bags. However, his focus now moves from minimalist site-specific intervention to the sheer surface of these plastic objects, which turn into a linocut matrix. Vojtuš repeatedly expands on the theme of deconstruction of his acquired artistic skills. It's a process, in which the conservative contours of graphic techniques are continuously washed out, allowing them to become artistically subversive again. 


As of 2014m David Vojtuš devotes himself to the medium of Indian ink, however it does not interest him in its traditional drawing form, for him it's rather an instrument of experimental artistic thought. In his works he combines Indian ink with atypical foundations such as aluminium boards, LDPE and PVC foil, zipper bags, polycarbonate boards or plaster. This formal and conceptual study of Indian ink brings forward new renderings of the existence of drawing, appearing once as a surface delimited by a balance of control and randomness, at other time as a point divested of its transparent foundation and conditioned by monotonous ritualism and motion, or as an object designated to parasite unfamiliar visuals and generate a conceptual space.


Special thanks to / Poděkování za poskytnutí sponzorského daru: 
PORTAFLEX, http://www.portaflex.cz