Lukáš Kleberc: Cassiopeia

Lukáš Kleberc: Cassiopeia

Exhibition for children

31. 7 - 19. 8. 2018

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8


opening: 30. 7, 17:00

* 17:00 Live concert: folkloric serbian trio 

* Performance: Small Prince, Dog, Pilgrim shepherd 


"The composition of paintings and large-scale objects gives the viewers the insight into the topic of myths, their persistence and relevance today. The myth, or also the meta-story, is the artist's attempt to find a point of reference in the flow of time despite the fact he is also conscious of the futility of his experiment."  Daniel Balabán

In collaboration with:

- word: Barbora Čempelová, Marian Kisza
- sound: Ian Mikyska (composer), Markéta Rejmontová & Ondřej Holas (cello), Michal Wróblewski (bass clarinet)
- glass: František Mucha
- installation: Baptiste Charneux, Karíma Al-Mukhtarová, Radan Vašulín
- witness: Caroline Krzyszton