Max Lysáček - Cannibalistic Party: Easter egg

31. 8 - 23. 9. 2018
Opening: 30. 8, 18:00
Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

"The cannibalists are up to something.
Things they did to get there, where they are now,
have consequences,
their radical success at attracting more and more devotees. Thousands of new cannibalists every day!

Do you understand our point? They´ve asked me ….

I replied: No,
Maybe I have a feeling...
But could you be more specific?

Our sources are reporting,
they are working hard on a new level of global influence. More information and evidences lead us to the idea,
that they are heading towards establishing a new political party, which seemingly,
will be strongly supported by the infrastructures of human meat distribution.

The result will be an exponential increase of cannibals to such an extent, that their number will be the one of a global coalition.

What would happen after that, you can only imagine. 
That is how the GANG member ended his brief monolog.

I answered that, rather no, thank you …"