Kryštof Strejc: Guči Tuning

29. 3. - 5. 5. 2019
Opening: 28. 3, 18:00
Curator: Viktor Čech

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

Kryštof Strejc’s paintings and large-scale drawings often surpass the boundaries of its media. Layered relationships on its surface not only engage with specific visual aesthetics of today society's escalating tensions but, thanks to its high materiality, are its suggestive paraphrase. His drawings enter the third dimension as part of installations made with various objects. The artist's iconographies also paraphrase the all too thin line between contemporary fashion and current political climate. The all-encompassing vivid colourfulness of his works may refer to the expressionist tradition but may be perceived as a tremendous commentary, pulling a veil of innocence from the relationships between politics, fashion and style.