Theatrum Mundi 4.0

Theatrum Mundi 4.0
by Darina Alster, Michal Kindernay, Pavel Havrda

For its last occurrence, Theatrum Mundi project transforms into multimedia installation and performance, which depicts an inner space of a person and, metaphorically, also of the world too. We are approaching timelessness where distinct processes are going on simultaneously. We work with chaos which allows unexpected connections. We are interested in the cyclicality of time. The end leads to beginning in an irregular rhythm. In the last phase, the distinct parts of a group performance are presented as an interactive installation. Data landscape of system of projections that break apart and mirror their viewers. The content of the installation is created together by performers, viewers and the space alike.


- 8. 7. 2019 od 18.00: openning and performance by Darina Alster

- 14. 7. 2019 17:00 - 19:00: Kaleidoscopic landscape
a family afternoon with Darina Alster and finissage.

Together we will pass through the mirror of a kaleidoscope and
experience a land of shattered images. Those we will reflect upon by means of a collage. Besides common cardboards, mirrors and various kinds of foils will be available as well.