Miranda Keyes & Marie Lüder: Cry Uncial

25.7. - 1.9.2019
Opening 25.7.2019 18:00-21:00
Curator: Lukáš Hofmann

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

Exhibited works: 


Cry Uncial Title. Cry Uncial is the us born of a 13-year-old’s approachment to the other. Fecund dust remains in the air, scents the domestic tank. 2019 


Bordüre Spirulina, wallpaper paste. A border which indicates the now, presence in a fleeting moment of falling or levitation. 2019 


Arthurian chalice Jesmonite, glass, yellow ochre pigment rests on Caspar David Friedrich’s chalk cliff, thought Marie. Who’s David? I thought you meant Casper, the Disney movie, anytime I hear the name, I think of him. But did you understand the reference when I said Casper, as in this art deco reference. I didn’t understand the Casper thing at all. A relic. 2019 


Bayblade Glass. I like how impotent it is, stuck in the wall, it could go the other way and kill me. 2019 


Thorny cup, a rose Glass, spirulina 2019 


Goblet trio Jesmonite, plastic chain, spirulina. Flying ducks. 2019 


Cry Uncial Video (10:58 min) from an Amazon-bought spy cam, a recommendation by a delivery driver, glass holders, USB cable. Marie’s escapades unfold on the way to the fertility clinic, securing her superabundance. As she is watching men with spiral connections, Phil Collins fulfills the desire for a retrograde wish. 


inSpiral Glass, food colouring we are damp in the rain God! The inspiration was good Totally yellow in the water 2019 


Good grips Glass. We’re hanging on. 2019 


Hole or Pool Grey concrete paint 2019 


The door handle Glass 2019 


Unexhibited works: 


The seahorse’s pouch A crochet handbag, an artillery, glass handle, a folder featuring a Medusa-themed photoshoot. Miranda made me a container to keep my eggs cool, to be yuppie 2.0. 


The seahorse Glass, epoxy. Cracked a lot of times and had to be fixed. ... , our muse. 2019 



Miranda Keyes (b. London, 1991) and Marie Lüder (b. Hamburg, 1988) live together in South London. Marie’s interests lie in the field of fashion, she’s recently been creating cyclist helmets/hats inspired by the romanticised imagery of cowboys, concocted her own perfume and cooperated with a cloud-chaser, that is to say, a professional vaper. Miranda releases booklets, meticulously researches fish skin, builds simple fountains and produces glass goblets. From now on, the duo shall bear the name Cry Uncial.