13. 11.-1. 12. 2019

Opening: 13. 11. 18:00

Curator: Caroline Krzyszton

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

DARIA MELNIKOVA: PALETTE + invited artists: Masha Kovtun a Sofie Tobiášová

*13. 11. 2019, 18:30: Kaspars Groševs, Accident
From the shores of San Serriffe to a dark bedroom in 90's Riga suburbs Kaspars Groševs selects ghostly jams from his cassette collection that consists of personal findings, accidental discoveries and gifts from friends.
*28. 11. 2019, 18:30: Martin Kohout
+ Other performances to come during the exhibition duration ....

Palette is part of the cycle of performative exhibitions at Karlin Studios. For Daria Melnikova’s project, the gallery space is changed into a migrating platform with bar functions providing thematic drinks, matching with collaborative events’ concepts. The title Palette refers both to the physical aspect of the bar’s counter but also to the act of mixing, as the (un)usual gathering around drinks mixes various shades of artistic expressions with an unpredictable outcome. An eclectic piece with references from various eras within art history and personal sources of inspiration, both spiritual and physical.