Jakub Tajovský: These Woods Are Where Silence Has Come...

25. 6. – 16. 8.
Opening: 25. 6. 18:00
Curator: Jozef Mrva ml.

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8


Jakub Tajovský is a painter who tirelessly explores the technological possibilities of crafting a painting. His paintings and objects are characterized by the deconstruction of the painted image, for which he invents his own technological procedures - he mixes his own non-linearly viscous paint and invents paint application systems inspired by digital technologies or sedimentation of natural materials. For the exhibition "These Woods Are Where Silence Has Come To Lick Its Wounds" he creates synthetic landscapes that are abstractions of rock formations. The term "synthetic landscape" belongs to his long-term interest, which as a word combination represents a paradox with which he works purposefully both in painting and in participatory new media installations.

The landscape is a subjectively perceived geographical space that we experience in nature and instinctively consider it to be something pristine. It consists of undulating terrain, the distribution of forests, fields and subsurface networks of isolated trees. It is intersected by rivers and paths that build the axis of human perception. The landscape is the opposite of the city, which is synthetic par excellence, but the landscape itself is also shaped by human action. Just walk through any forest and we realize that it is a monoculture of spruce, which was planted for logging.

Synthetic is also a representation of the landscape or an attempt to reassemble or imitate. Jakub also proceeds with this method for this exhibition. The exhibition presents organic networks that seem to have been reprogrammed and are now adapting their structures to human reading. The unifying element of these structures is a vector, abstracting an array, reducing complex relationships to uniform contours. What is the reason for the synthesis of organic structures with visual semiotic systems remains a question that can be speculated about.

Jakub Tajovský works in Brno and Brandýs nad Labem, and is currently a doctoral student at FaVU BUT in Brno.