ACCULTURATED: Curator: Petr Hošek

07/05/2013 - 02/06/2013

Opening: 07/05/2013

Karlin Studios, Prvního pluku 2, Praha 8

Artists:  Luis Artemio De Los Santos Garza, Gosha Rubchinskiy, FAKEHEAD, Isabel Castro, Hektor Oknoltus

Curator: Petr Hošek


Acculturation is the process in which an individual adopts a culture other than their own-- Typically to conform to the standards of a ‘dominant’ culture.
ACCULTURATED focuses on various types of cultural adaptations in New York, Russia, Prague and Mexico. The exhibition’s visual emphasis lies on the psychosocial phenomenon that often occurs in, out, and around the American melting pot. 'Acculturated' is not a commentary on capitalist globalization, which we know exists, but rather on globalized acculturation—a slow and unsuspected, yet steadily increasing trend amongst youth.
The exhibition incorporates a generation of young artists, born in the late 80s and early 90s, whose cultural identity has inadvertently been transformed. Visitors to the gallery will introspect on personal, cultural, and national identity since acculturation has also strongly affected Central Europe in the past two decades.



’ILAVYOU’ / Luis Artemio De Los Santos Garza (1990, US/CZ) – is a contemporary photographer who works with 35mm analogue, digital SLR, consumer ‘point and shoot’, and cell phone photography. From an early age, he was influenced by American hyper-advertising, Eastern European porn and youth subcultures via the Internet. “Silverchain”, his latest film shot in Prague, is a dialogue between eastern fetishism and acculturated youth. The film was named after an American 1990’s fashion trend (the silver chain), which is still commonly worn by young Central and Eastern European teenage boys today. A collection of photographs, where he demonstrates sensitivity to aesthetic details from his childhood memories such as bed sheets, wallpapers, and tiles, will also be included in the Exhibition. Specifically for the ACCULTURATED exhibition, he has prepared a monumental video installation for the central part of Karlín Studios as an ode to teenage expression. (

Gosha Rubchinskiy (1988, RU) is a filmaker, fashion designer and photographer. He mainly shoots his friends who are skateboarders, 17 -18 years, living in Russia. His entire body of work visualizes and speaks for that subculture. Videos exhibited by him shows the daily life of young kids in Saint Petersburg and a road trip to Nizhny Novgorod (

Fakehead (US) is an art group from NY/LA that produces photography, films, theatre plays, and their own philosophical magazine. For ACCULTURATED, they present a 30-minute film of an “aspiring music video director's” date with a "yoga practitioner and spiritual performance artist" that is soon interrupted when an old friend reveals a shared traumatic past (

Isabel Castro (1989, US) is a young documentary filmmaker and photographer. She presents her project “Crossing Over” in which she tells the story of three transgender immigrants from Mexico who are seeking political asylum in the United States due to emotional, physical and sexual abuses inflicted upon them in their home country. Stigmatized by religious and patriarchal powers within their community, transsexuals in Mexico find acceptance elusive and jobs nonexistent. Isabel Castro shows the viewer a very unusual case of acculturation (

Hektor Oknoltus (1990, MD) presents a cyber-art video installation of a young human being who views himself outside the main concepts of social/physical suppression. In his works, material and virtual life create a supplemental reality where mutations are permanent, separations are non-existent, and results are post human.