Umělci: Quentin Euverte, Agnieszka Grodzinska, Kernel, Irina Lotarevich, Lucia Elena Prusa, Shanta Rao, Viktor Timofeev, Andrew Norman Wilson, Pedro Wirz


Kurátor: Michal Novotný


“I could have got life, every charge i was charged with, I swear was a fifty fifty chance like a coin flip” Roy Da Prince: Diamonds REMIX 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
5 May 2012 
I woke up this moring n got cold out my eyes n I step on a flower foot on da peddle good wasn't home do I settle for betta I'm on way to get it but get it got shot so I guess I got work wit da lil bit I got 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
6 May 2012 
I love her like pussy money weed 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
10 May 2012 
New mix tape coming soon Byrd season 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
20 May 2012 
We bet not catch Dat fuck boy uptown 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
22 May 2012 
Ready for cuz graduation ..#Gon go Live 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
29 May 2012 
I love her more then she love her self 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
13 June 2012 
I love her right cause she wasn't love right by her farther now she think only thing she good for is fucking who ever give her dollars ..I TELL her no matter what you do jus say how u feel n ion care what u did cause that was way b4 me n you ..#I LOVE YA BABBY 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
19 June 2012 
U got to love me when hurt ..when it hurt will er the same to lovers all over each other 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
28 June 2012 
Is it wrong for me say u the most beautiful when u wake up n moRNING with no make up no lip stick no extra her .CAUSE UR AMAZING JUS THE WAY U R 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
11 July 2012 
i cant love u until u love self 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
24 July 2012 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
15 August 2012 
Did what they say I couldn't went where they said I wouldn’t 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
19 September 2012 
I can love 1,000 girls but want no woman compare to my Moma n grandma 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
21 October 2012 
She can be what she want long as she don't try. To change what I am 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
14 November 2012 
How u gone love ur me first love urself 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
14 November 2012 
She say she wanna real nigga well take your weave out make up off let me see the real u 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter
24 November 2012 
MIXTAPE royalty coming soon 

BlackRob ChildplaynGrindmindent Carter 
18th June 2013 
U either fly or die in this life. So u get your wings. Or your casket. 


2.Feel My Pain Ft. STY 


4.Never Let Me Go Ft. Tokey Hefner 

5.You Don't Know 

6.My City Ft. STY 

7.Let Em Fly Ft. El Kidd 

8.Diamonds REMIX 

9.Twin Ft. Neno Calvin 

10.For The Streets Ft. RahBah 

11.Remember Me Ft. Daniel Heartless 

12.Polo And Shell Tops REMIX 

"We got on the court, ready to play ball, and the guy with the dreads walks in the middle of court, looks at Marc, and said, 'You flexin'?'" "Marc doesn't say anything. Then he looks at me and says, 'You flexin', big man? You flexin'?' I said, 'We're just trying to ball, and you acting like you own this park or something.' 

"We didn't think the course of action would be what happened. My little brother said, 'Chris, chill out. We're at they house.' I felt this dude behind me, so I chilled out. I turned to the guy behind me, to shake his hand, and he already got the gun pulled out. He said, 'F‐‐‐ that,' and starts shooting. 

An aspiring Central City rapper will face a prison sentence of 2 x 25 to 200 years when sentenced next week, following his conviction Wednesday (March 25) on charges of attempting to kill two men in an argument over who had the next turn to play on the public basketball court at A.L. Davis Park. An Orleans Parish jury deliberated less than three hours before returning unanimous verdicts convicting Gerard Gray, aka "Roy Da Prince," on two counts of attempted second-degree murder stemming from the shooting of two men on July 8, 2014. 

NOPD Detective Kristen Krzemieniecki, tasked to the city's Multi-Agency Gang unit, told jurors that Gray was recognized by authorities as a leader of the violent street gang known to terrorize Central City. Prosecutors had Gray show jurors the bird wings tattooed on the back of his hands, and played three rap videos featuring "Da Prince of Central City" that were recorded at the park. In them, Gray spits boastful lyrics about guns and murder, and warns outsiders "We better not catch you Uptown.” Assistant District Attorney Michael Trummel, one of the prosecutors, described the “Byrdgang" as "one of the most murderous gangs in town." 

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