"An App that suggests you the ideas you were looking for, together with thousands of decorative patterns. So if you need to change your phone case just give her some keywords and, on the basis of your taste data, the app creates a new case for you (you just need to visit the copy shop for the 3d print – if you don‘ t have your own 3d printer at home). If you‘ re looking for a new home it gives you suggestions of furniture (it's easier if you're often using Pinterest): where to buy or order the stuff you would like to possess. You can also train the app using the Objects Shazaam App. Your aesthetic choices are easy to coordinate."
(The text is an extract of the artist's new video still in progress) 

Natália Trejbalová was born in 1989 in Košice, Slovakia. She’ s currently in the final year of the master's program in the faculty of new media at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. She lives and works in Milan. One of her leitmotives is the aesthetics of stock imagery, which reinforces most common visual stereotypes. She’ s interested in contemporary form of communication based on fast changing images and logos resulting in standardization of tastes, desires and behaviour.  Her project Bellagio Bellagio (in progress since 2015 together with Matteo Nobile) is an audiovisual archive dealing with various topics which in their own way have become standardized in the collective imagination (such as a certain form of exoticism and paradise, present future, health and green; car as a symbol of power, etc ..). Trejbalová participated in numerous collective exhibitions (ViaFarini, Milano, 77, Milano; Galerie Charlot, Paris, Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland, ISEA 2015 in Abu Dhabi, Localedue, Bologna, and others). She also takes part of 16 ° Quadrennial of Rome in October.