2014: OPEN STUDIO - OPEN GROUP (UKR) : Kde je moje galerie? / Project Open Gallery


Project Open Gallery

Creating of open galleries is a symbol that creates boundaries which seems to want to catch something that is impossible to catch, to catch emptiness.
It parallelly asks about the existence of a gallery without an artist or an artist without a gallery.
This visual project inspire attempts to «materialize» «impossibilities» in art through the use of new formats. The main objective of the project is the realization and transformation. Attempt and experience of a new space is distinguishing certain length of life. Social value is raising questions about the lack of galleries in this project and at the moment fades into the background. If there would be enough showrooms, this project would not have lost relevance for us.
The Open Gallery is implemented in territories known, little known and those that are out of the context of Ukrainian artistic medium. In the space of real myths like myths of the real galleries: those that never existed, those documents of which have been lost.
An important component is the creation of the space before and after. That means putting all the dots from alpha to omega. In the future this medium is evolving, forming secondary precedents or decline.